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Meet NESPRESSO's Experts of Green Coffee

Exceptional Skills. Exceptional Taste.

Before each Nespresso Grand Cru coffee is sealed off into it’s state-of-the-art protective capsule, there lies a team of dedicated experts working around the globe and around the clock to ensure that no detail is overlooked so you receive the ultimate coffee experience, every time.

Nespresso invites you to go behind the scenes and get to know The Experts in the world of green coffee.

Meet Anton Egli, Green Coffee Quality Expert, Alexis Rodriguez, Green Coffee Manager, Christophe Boussemart, Head of Sustainable Development, and Thérèse Roth, Customer Service Specialist.

Discover their passion and commitment to excellence for what they do, and you will see it’s no surprise that here at Nespresso, the best people make the best coffee. 

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