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Backstage at Portofino

Nespresso Cup - Preparations Underway

Preparations for the first edition of the Nespresso Cup are in full swing in Portofino ahead of the start of this new exclusive regatta…

PORTOFINO, ITALY (6 May 2010) – The Wally yachts have started to gather in the enchanting port of Portofino in time for the official registration and opening ceremony of the first edition of the Nespresso Cup. A striking catwalk of awesome beauties, the Portofino quayside offers more than just breathtaking good looks: the Wally yachts moored here will soon be competing in the Nespresso Cup - a unique single type regatta for Wally Yachts. A total of 12 Wallys representing a diverse range of these unmistakable streamlined yachts from the 143ft (43m) Esense, combining vintage and contemporary concepts, to the 88ft (27m) canting keel Tiketitoo.

Luca Bassani  Antivari, President and Founder of Wally: “The Nespresso Cup is the first all-Wally regatta in our history that is why it is so exciting and I believe the competition will be even higher than the other events. All the crews and owners love sailing and they all want to win! All the boats will start together but we have Racing and Cruising divisions – it is in the Racing Class we will see the fastest boats on the water but we will have to wait until the end of each day’s racing to know the winners. We expect a high level of competition on these short and fast courses but with a good Corinthian spirit.”

The Wally fleet will be divided into four divisions identified by the different yachts’ characteristics – Performance, Cruising, 80ft and over 100ft plus the Overall Racing division. Podium rankings will be defined in the divisions but it is the overall Nespresso Cup Trophy that the owners and crews have their eyes on.  The trophy is designed by legendary industrial designer Konstantin Grcic.

Set against the famous fishing village of Portofino, this regatta brings a new dimension to the Mediterranean yachting calendar – presenting a combination of outstanding beauty, performance and lifestyle. Portofino represents the ideal location for this first edition of the Nespresso Cup and offers the charm and intimate setting to create a real Nespresso Cup community, where the racing teams and event participants will all be together for three exciting days.

Nespresso Cup Race Ambassador, Paul Cayard, who arrived in Portofino today commented: “Portofino is an iconic sailing venue in Italy – the sailing conditions in Portofino can be a bit challenging but it’s a beautiful place and everyone gets together and tries the boats out and has plenty of good times ashore and it will be a fantastic weekend.” Paul will be joined by two other Ambassadors Loick Peyron and Francesco de Angelis who are all here to support this unique event.

Some of the racing teams have already spent the afternoon on the water, training for the first race taking place tomorrow morning. The weather forecast should add another exciting dimension to the Nespresso Cup. A mix of sunshine and rain is expected for the first day of racing (Friday, 7th) with a southerly breeze of around 10mph/16kmh  (8-9 knots). Sunday could see the best day’s racing with sunshine and a stronger breeze.

Entry List/Divisions at 6.5.10 :


P=Performance / C=Cruising / R= Overall Racing

O-100%2Bover 100ft / 80=80ft

Dark Shadow / 30.45 / P/O-100

Genie / 32.72 / C/O-100

Esense / 43.70 / P/O-100

Magic Carpet2 / 29.00 / R

Tiketitoo / 27.00 / P

Ryokan 2 / 24.00 / P/80

J One / 24.00 / R/80

Indio / 30.50 / R

Y3K / 30.50 / R

Gibian / 30.45 / C/O-100

Kenora / 32.72 / P/O-100

Tango / 24.00 / P/80

12 Wally Yachts have now arrived in the enchanting venue of Portofino, Italy, for the official registration of Nespresso Cup starting tomorrow 7th May.  Preparations for the regatta are underway as the Wally owners and crew look forward to three days of racing that will see the exclusive gathering of the Wally Yachts for the first time at the inaugural edition of the Nesprecco Cup. The presence of three sailing legends – Loick Peyron, Francesco de Angelis and Paul Cayard will add to the interest of this regatta and Paul explains the attraction of the Nespresso Cup, alongside Luca Bassani Antivari, President and Founder of Wally who welcomes the Wally competitors to Portofino.


Preparation Day in Portofino

Yachting: the Nespresso Cup 2010

Preparation Day in Portofino

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