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Pixie Edition 2012

Little Trailblazer

PIXIE 2012 is fast, intuitive and economic - bursting with eco-intelligence. The latest: its two new colours, Brown and Carmine. The aluminium cladding panels of these new versions are made from recycled capsules. It's time to meet this icon and its collection (once again).

PIXIE EDITION 2012 BOASTS NOT ONLY TWO NEW COLOURS, BUT A MINI-REVOLUTION IN ECO-DESIGN. Two shades, Brown and Carmine, are coming onto the scene, replacing the Indigo and Electric Blue models. Most of all however, Nespresso has improved the performance of PIXIE in terms of materials reuse, making these two little newcomers to the range big-hitters in terms of sustainable development. The aluminium used for its side panels is 98% sourced from recycled capsules. It’s a perfect illustration of Nespresso’s EcolaborationTM policy. In line with the three pillars of this environmental commitment, the capsule material is designed for infinite recycling without any deterioration in quality – and for optimum preservation of the aroma of Grands Crus. The end result is a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of the PIXIE machine and each new cup of coffee. This would seem to be the way forward for a new generation of machines.


The success of PIXIE and its line of accessories is also down to the contemporary and chic industrial design, created by 5.5 Designers. This Paris-based design agency, established in 2003, made an immediate impact with its first creative project, “Réanim”. The four-person team continues to design outstanding everyday objects with humour and simplicity. Publishers were won over, and the studio was awarded the 2006 City of Paris Grand Prix for Creation. 5.5 Designers are behind the PIXIE collection of accessories for Nespresso. With more than a hint at the visuals of our capsules, the guest stars of the Nespresso range, PIXIE Espresso and PIXIE Lungo, bring their refined and maverick spirit to the coffee table. Their double wall provides insulation and their rounded shape makes for a perfect crema, to bring out the individual character of each variety. This collection is available in the sixteen colours of the Nespresso Grands Crus, which is useful when each of your guests has their own unique preferences. The collection also features capsule cases that are recreated as wall-mounted distributors, stirrers inspired by sugar sticks and oakwood trays. They are pleasant to the eye and pleasant to the touch – a sensory treat with every coffee.

Text : Nadia Hamam - Photography : Bambi

Nespresso extends its support to Talents


Nespresso extends its support to Talents

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