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Eco-friendly fishing

Cook It Raw 2011 - Road to Raw, episode 4

Since its creation in May 2009 in Copenhagen, the “Cook It Raw” movement has been carrying out its quest for original flavours. Started by chefs who are some of the most innovative in the planet, who are keen to preserve knowledge about cooking and local products, this travelling laboratory of ideas is always going one step further. After Denmark, cradle of ultra local nouvelle cuisine, it’s north of Venice, in a Frioul still covered in snow, that our chefs experience subsistence cooking, when winter reduces the range of flavours available. It’s been one year since the untouched wilderness of Lapland welcomed our adventurous cooks. The next area to be visited: Ishikawa prefecture in Japan, a land situated by the sea and the mountains, on the east coast of Honshu Island.

Nespresso is once again supporting this worthy gastronomic quest, this rediscovery of taste with respect being paid to the land, men and resources.

What awaits the chefs? A dive into the clear waters on Toyama Bay. Or rather immersion in the daily life of local fishermen. Toyama…Does the name mean something to you? The place is actually famous for its bioluminescent squid, a wonderful visual spectacle which attracts a crowd of onlookers every spring, the time which this rare species approaches the coasts. Though the Cook It Raw team doesn’t come across the squid in November, they are certainly going to brave the waves and take back many lessons in their nets. This film takes us on board a trawler, well before dawn. Wearing a white helmet and equipped with a fluorescent life jacket, the chefs will see the sun rise on the bay and shed new light on their approach to fishing.

Nature and food are so closely linked in Ishikawa prefecture that fishing is no exception to the rule. Underwater life is held in such respect that the local fishermen have found a way to combine business and preservation of species. The idea: to use a huge labyrinth of a net, specially designed to only retain a third of the fish. Will the chefs catch the famous Fugu? As delicious as it is dangerous, it is also called the sunfish, it can be deadly if improperly cut.

Whatever it is, it will definitely be placed on the shelves of an auction where all of the day’s catch is sold to the highest bidder. We must learn how to bid like a professional, to get THE right fishing for the chefs to make the best dinner dishes…

Ishikawa Cook It Raw report

Cook It Raw 2011 - Road to Raw

Ishikawa Cook It Raw report

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