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Have the Satoyama experience

Cook It Raw 2011 - Road to Raw, episode 2

The “Cook it Raw” adventure started in May 2009 in Copenhagen, on the fringes of the world summit on global warming. At the invitation of René Redzepi, the leader in the field of Scandinavian Nouvelle Cuisine, a small group of ten or so chefs from the four corners of the earth prepared themselves for an unusual exercise: to create a dinner without cooking, using the most raw and local ingredients possible and to have minimal impact on the environment.

The spirit of “Cook it Raw” was born that day. At the same time as the slightly crazy project - of an travelling culinary laboratory set on exploring the intimate relationship between cooking and ecology, between taste and land.

A utopia, a sweet madness, full of meaning, which Nespresso could only be affected by. It is natural that the brand accompanies the most distinctive gastronomic research, the most innovative chefs and those who are the most invested in the safeguarding of savoir-faire.

After a second winter experience in Frioul, in the north of Italy, then, last September, in the remote areas of Finnish Lapland, the new “playing field” of the “Cook it Raw” team will be Japan. This film offers you a foretaste of what the chefs are about to discover there, revealing, the first images of Ishikawa Prefecture, situated on the East coast, at the centre of Honshu Island. It is Yoshihiro Narisawa, the Japanese chef known for “Les Créations de Narisawa”, one of the most famous restaurants in Tokyo, who is going, in a subtle manner, to guide his colleagues and to make them discover the amazing plants which populate the beaches of the region and which “capture the wind”. It’s him who is also going to lead the chefs to the heart of a forest populated by bamboo and rare species, up to the limit between the world of men and preserve of the mountain. A frontier which we call “Satoyama”. The farmers of the area sometimes venture there to gather unusual roots, such as miyoga, which develops flavours midway between those of an artichoke and ginger. To discover the famous root which wasabi is extracted from, you have to go to the source of the river.

Back to the source, this is what the chefs are doing by immersing themselves in Japanese culinary traditions. By living for three days in complete communion with nature. By soaking up the environment and the products of the surroundings, with the intention of conceiving a meal that brings out the essence of the land of Ishikawa and which displays a fragile balance between visual beauty, knowledge of flavour, respect of the land and a quest for meaning. A journey across oceans, which promises to also be a beautiful journey of personal discovery.

Ishikawa Cook It Raw report

Cook It Raw 2011 - Road to Raw

Ishikawa Cook It Raw report

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