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Friendly & food loving atmosphere.

Armchair travels with Nespresso and Christian Le Squer.

For Nespresso the year 2011 starts with the brilliance of Christian Le Squer’s three stars. At the Nespresso Creative Workshop at the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, the Chef of Ledoyen offers to share his creativity.  The taste buds and pupils of the numerous participants come alive at the thought of the imaginary armchair travels offered with the crisp ham/Espresso Leggero breakfast macaroon or the tender coconut coffee flavoured foie gras.

Christian Le Squer, a man with a palate and love of food, uses his knowledge to fuel his passion for the Espresso Leggero Grand Cru.  He practices a cooking of emotions, a type of cooking which is recognisable at the first bite, and knows that a smile and a trace of humour delights guests.  

A friendly atmosphere with a shower of stars.  The chefs Eric Fréchon, Frédéric Anton, Michel Roth or Eric Briffard feasted on a passionate coffee pudding and a dessert mixing the indulgence of white chocolate and the ripe fruitiness of coffee. A Workshop where creation embraces tastes.  

So that is how Nespresso, instigator of creativity, has allowed the participants at this Workshop, to share the enthusiasm, innovation and inspiration of the chef who places coffee at the heart of gastronomy.

Ten stars in the heavens.

Bocuse d'Or 2011

Ten stars in the heavens.

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