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Coffee Sommelier Program

The expertise of coffee professionnals

Because of the many parallels between coffe and wine, it seemed indispensable to match the expertise of gastronomy and wine profesionnals with the expertise of coffee professionnals.

An instructional program of a completely new type was thus set up, catering to professional wine sommeliers. Its goal : to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the coffee universe, and to adopt their sensory background to the world of gourmet coffees. These future experts in Grand Cru coffee learn to taste the broadest aromatic palette of coffee, and to marry it with delicacies such as chocolate, water and other products.

Four meetings a year permit sommeliers from the finest restaurants to participate in this wholly unique of training program. Each gathering is divided into two parts : one day of theoretical classes are followed by practical cupping and scoring sessions, at the production center of Avenches, in Switzerland.

Under the watchful eye of Giuseppe Vaccarini and Edouard Thomas, three workshops are also proposed at the 2010 Bocuse d’Or Europe, in order to develop the harmonies of coffee with water, chocolate and liqueurs.


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