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Dieter Müller - The patron

Competence and Passion for culinaric indulgence

Questions/ Statements Dieter Müller (Tasting jury, patron)

F: How do you evaluate the activities of the offspring pâtissiers?

M: What I have seen and tasted today really delights the pâtissiers´ profession. There have been many sensations and high-quality-desserts which have been perfectly adjusted to the aromas of the Ristretto Origin India. I really respect the teams who have worked so precise and complex in only two hours. All 12 teams can be very proud.

F: Which significance has the pâtisserie in a high class restaurant?

M: The patisserie is an important part of the kitchen. A good patissier cares for the specialities of a menu. If you create a great dessert in harmonization with a very good coffee it can really compensate a cook´s mistake. I appreciate and support all initiatives to develop young talents.

F: Finally, how were your impressions and feelings within your role as a patron of the Nespresso Pastry Cup?

M: To bet he patron of the Nespresso Pastry Cup offered me a lot of fun. It was nice to see that some participants have been previous employees of the Schlosshotel Lerbach, who I could meet now again. I am always interested to see the development of my fosterlings. I am very happy about the fact that Tamara Derfuß-Baur, who has worked in my kitchen, is the third winner.

I was able to recommend the winner Matthias Spurk about some small optimisations of his dessert, which he will present in the "Nespresso Atelier de Creation", but I am sure he will get a real good feedback from the experts at Lyon.


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