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Cook It Raw


A culinary happening as never before seen: Cook it Raw. Thirteen of the most celebrated cutting-edge chefs from four corners of the globe gathered in the bleak midwinter dawn to stalk the frozen landscapes of the Collio, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. They plucked herbs, vegetables and wild products from woods and sea. They worked closely together, collaborating to create – at the end of three communal days of exploration – the most uncompromising and radical dinner ever to take place.

Cook it Raw was a commando. A think tank of free spirits, of culinary wizards –Albert Adrià, Iñaki Aizpitarte, Alex Atala, Pascal Barbot, Claude Bosi, Massimo Bottura, David Chang, Quique Dacosta, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Petter Nilsson, René Redzepi and Davide Scabin – who were able to translate into culinary reflections their mission code: Winter was Hard.

Raw as uncooked. Raw as wild. Raw as unfinished. Raw as a continuous work in progress. With the support of Nespresso the Cook it Raw team spent the last days of January in the winemaking hills of the Collio, near Gorizia on the Slovenian border, and ‘digested’ the local gastronomic cultures in order to depict and translate this collective experience into a collection of unique, hard-core, unforgettable dishes.

Cook it Raw is more than a culinary experience, more than a concept: it’s a philosophy. A way for chefs, journalists and artists to meditate together on the links between nature and culture, tradition and innovation, impression and deep reflection. A way to reshape the role of energy in cooking – the ultimate goal is zero-impact energy – where avant-garde rhymes with ecological awareness.

Cook it Raw is the brainchild of gastro-conceptualist Alessandro Porcelli. He launched it in Copenhagen in 2009 to jolt the consciences of some of the world’s best chefs and writers as the climate summits unfolded. Now, with the help of food writers Andrea Petrini and Carla Capalbo, he moved the show to Italy. With Nespresso as its partner, Cook it Raw plans to travel the globe and become the vector for a new form of expression linking gastronomy, philosophy and planet awareness. A journey in the company of a bunch of brave-hearted chefs through uncharted culinary territories – from the jungle of Amazonia to remote sea-isles of Japan. Cook it Raw. Cook it Clean. Cleanse the Spirit.




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