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Sitting down for a sip in the Los Angeles Nespresso Boutique

Aurora and Jeffrey - the Beverly Hills bar and Boutique manager, respectively - describe the most Californian Nespresso location yet.

You just opened in Beverly Hills…

Jeffrey Evans: That’s right, the Boutique is brand new. On opening day in October 2013, the whole neighbourhood was asking what took us so long…

Aurora Rodriguez: The site was under construction for a year. The windows were blocked by a huge panel that read, Nespresso: Coming Soon.” Beverly Hills is a close-knit community within Los Angeles, with its own distinct culture. From the day we opened our doors, the community embraced our store, and we’ve grown to become not only a tourist destination, but a great place for the residents of Beverly Hills to connect.

Perhaps because the site fits in with the rest of the neighbourhood?

J. E.: The design does have character; it blends corporate décor with a very Californian touch. A terrarium of candelabra cactus separates the restaurant area from the Boutique, and the overall look, typical for this region, is enhanced by maroon-painted brick, leather armchairs, light wood... When you have customers for whom luxury is as natural as breathing, it’s hard to get them excited about certain things. I think we’ve created an environment that’s warm as well as inviting.

What makes Nespresso in Los Angeles unique?

A. R.: Beverly Hills clients can be both health-conscious and indulgent and we’ve tailored our Bar menu to adapt to that. We can accommodate dietary preferences: guests can order a cappuccino or latte macchiato made with skimmed milk, non-dairy soy or almond milk. People also feel at home here, since there’s no need for sales pressure. Our selling point is pure product quality. We just let them taste the beverage and say, “You can have the same thing at home at the touch of a button.” 

J. E.: Of course, the milk is still a key factor in the experience of drinking the coffee at home. But Nespresso also promotes the purity of the extraction, a way of making technology available that was once for professionals only. For those who just love a good petit noir, a real espresso, it’s a whole new world now, comparable to when the Internet or the automobile became available to the masses.

Beverly Hills Boutique

320 N Beverly Drive, Beverly HIlls


Andaz West Hollywood: This Sunset Boulevard hotel is best known for having been popular with the rowdy rock bands of the Seventies, including the likes of The Who, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. 8401 W. Sunset Boulevard. West Hollywood

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El Encanto: Morning to evening, enjoy a splendid, sun-drenched terrace overlooking the Santa Barbara coast. 800 Alvarado Place. Santa Barbara

Brand 158: Located one block from the Nespresso Boutique. 240 N. Beverly Drive. Suite 300, Beverly Hills



Before entering the showroom where the machines are displayed amidst colourful columns of the Nespresso Grands Crus, soaring upward like the pipes of a baroque organ, guests pass through a sensual, sophisticated salon boasting a vast picture window that is opened wide on sunny days so the room’s occupants can sup and sip al fresco. The menu ranges from hearty snacks to bistro chic to tea room treats, all with that typically Californian indifference to culinary genre. There are light but substantial lunch items, like the hot, bacon-stuffed croissant with seasonal berries topped with parmesan au gratin and a poached egg. Or try a Caesar salad, smoked salmon plate or a grilled, truffle-tinged ham and cheese sandwich. Some desserts are served with their Grand Cru accords (like strawberry gateau with ROSABAYA de Colombia or a caramel creampuff with LIVANTO) and there’s even a Napa Valley wine menu.


By Julien Bouré - Photos Jean-Claude Amiel - Production Sandrine Giacobetti

Nespresso extends its support to Talents


Nespresso extends its support to Talents

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