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Fancy a flat white?

Australians, just like italians, adore their espresso. But down under, it always comes with milk !

A blend of textured, flavoursome milk and coffee withaperfect crema.

ANTIPODEAN CULTURE IS ALL ABOUT MIXING AND MATCHING. Although Australians drive on the left as loyal subjects of Her Majesty, they certainly do not follow British traditions slavishly. When it comes to hot drinks, for example, Aussies will take a coffee every time – an espresso, to be precise. The Australian coffee market (together with that of neigh- bouring New Zealand) is the only one in the world other than Italy to be based solely on this particular method of extracting the nectar of coffee. But the big difference with Italy is that Australians always take their espressos with milk. So is the cappuccino, beneath its frothy dome skimmed off the top of a stainless steel milk jug, the national drink down under? Not at all.

Aussies have their own invention: the flat white. This is a coffee made with textured milk, which has been steamed with tiny microfoam bubbles using a nozzle that is adeptly steered according to the noise of the steam jet. The milk is then carefully poured, with a spoon in the spout of the jug to hold back the foam. The process is quite fastidious! However, the most cutting-edge artists of the Australian flat white can now create just as great an effect using the new Lattissima+ from Nespresso.

So will the flat white, with its blend of textured, flavoursome milk and coffee with a perfect crema served in a small cup, soon join the lattes and macchiatos enjoyed by connoisseurs in the Northern hemisphere? Coffee-lovers in Berlin, London and Dubai have already given it the thumbs up. The flat white is coming soon to a city near you. Get ready to enjoy this Antipodean speciality using the best equipment available.

Text Francis Dolric Illustration Mac Nooland

Nespresso extends its support to Talents


Nespresso extends its support to Talents

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