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24 hours walking in a star's shoes

A night in a luxury hotel, lunch on a private beach, being on the red carpet all dressed up… To live this incredible experience, in the heart of the Cannes Film Festival (64th year), you have to be a member of the Nespresso Club like Alexandra, Giulia or Gion.

Like many others, they participated in our competition online. To win, you have to simply "make cinema". Namely : you have to put together the scenes of the brand’s last advertising spot before its release. Our winners managed to produce a 45 second film, comprising eight video sequences, in the same order as the director Grant Heslov. It was only several months after having submitted their version online that three Members of the Club received the good news.

Giulia, from Milan, thought it was a joke. Alexandra, a student studying theatre and cinema, jumped for joy : "Finally a chance to wear the evening gown that’s been sitting in my wardrobe !", while Gion, a great fan of Japanese animated films, was initially worried about where to rent a tuxedo.

On the day when they arrived in a limousine in front of the Majestic, the emotion was palpable. The word "magical"floated from everyone’s lips. The champagne, the group photos, the exclusive tour behind the scenes of the Palais des Festival, the view of the sea from the luxurious room, the gastronomic dinner at Fouquet’s…So many moments to treasure which only precede the most exciting experience, i.e. climbing the steps all dressed up with the cameras flashing all around. What do you dream about at night following such a day ? "What’s bad is that you get used to it quickly", concludes Alexandra mischievously.

Jeff Nichols - Take Shelter

Festival de Cannes 2011

Jeff Nichols - Take Shelter

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