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Marin Karmitz or the amnesia of the first time

A post-selection lasting memory

In 1970 the film Camarade by Marin Karmitz was selected by the Critics' Week at the Cannes Film Festival. The proletarian fight made its entrance on the Croisette…

Martin Karmitz, director, distributor, producer, has completely forgotten about his first Cannes Film Festival! However, he’s forgotten nothing about the power of Cannes and the impact of the Festival on the international destiny of his film. The film Camarade, a film which gained inspiration from a novel by Cesare Pavese, tells the story of a young worker from Saint-Nazaire, an activist and a revolutionary, who goes up to Paris, 2 years after the events of May ’68, to continue his fight.

Under the beach at Cannes, the paving stones

For Marin Karmitz this film is the result of a question: can you understand and describe something that you only know from the outside looking in? Can a cinema makers be witness to an event without getting involved? Can a cinema maker make a film about a revolution without being a revolutionary themselves? For Marin Karmitz, a director who gets involved, the answer, of course, is no. So he changed the position of the camera to make it enter into this unknown world, which is the world of the worker and the universe of the proletarian fight. What emerges is a film which is powerful, engaging, confrontational and passionate.

A opportunity for exchanges and a moment in the spotlight

The Critics’ Week, like the other selections at Cannes, provides an opportunity for atypical films with a limited audience to be discovered – those which would never have been able to benefit for such media exposure in another context. Cannes is the only place in the world that allows cinema d’auteur to access the global market. As a producer Marin Karmitz leads from the front ambitious and lucrative film projects which have large budgets and small projects which are for a more limited audience, different films, those which are less easy to access…which are actually financed by those which have gone before and which are able to exist thanks to the selections like the Critics’ Week. That’s what makes the Cannes Film Festival interesting

Jeff Nichols - Take Shelter

Festival de Cannes 2011

Jeff Nichols - Take Shelter

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