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James Franco or the taste of freedom

The cinema of sharing and exchanging

In 2010 James Franco directed The Clerk's Tale, an independent film selected by the Critics' Week at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival

In The Clerk’s Tale, adapted from a poem by Spencer Reece, James Franco explores the loneliness of a man during the monotony of his everyday life. Painstakingly, he portrays the anguish and fear of a man trapped within himself.

The value of sharing and exchanging

For James Franco cinema has always been a means of escaping from the real world. After a long career as an actor, one day he wanted to be on the other side of the camera to create, for himself, these imaginary universes to which he loves to flee so much. By entering into the world of independent cinema, he discovered a fascinating way of creating cinema, certainly different from that which he’d known in big budget films. He met other young directors who were as passionate as him, and together, they learned, shareed, exchanged ideas and helped each other.

An other cinema

What James Franco loves more than anything about independent cinema is the freedom. When as an actor you take part in castings, you are chosen or identified by directors, and you intepret a role to varying degrees. You participate in a tiny part of a project. You don’t write, you don’t make decisions, you don’t know anything and you don’t direct. As an independent director it’s completely different. You are free to choose your subject, the way in which it’s started and dealt with, the scenery, the actors… Everything belongs to you.

Cannes, an honour for an young director

The Critics’ Week in Cannes is an opportunity to meet people from « this world », the world of independent cinema. James Franco likes meeting others who love cinema, like himself, in order to exchange thoughts with them. To have a place in this world, to invest in it, to get involved, to share the passion and energy of other directors, their total involvement in their projects, is an unbelievable opportunity.

Jeff Nichols - Take Shelter

Festival de Cannes 2011

Jeff Nichols - Take Shelter

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