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Jacques Audiard or the quest for sense

Recognising yourself through the eyes of others

In 1994 Jacques Audiard directed his first film, Regarde les Hommes Tomber. A beautiful film, dark, emotional and cruel, which would take him to the Cannes Film Festival for the first time.

For Jacques Audiard, the selection of Regarde les Hommes Tomber for the Critics’ Week of the 1994 Cannes Film Festival was completely unexpected. Making his first film was hard, whatever way you look at it. He had a lot of doubts - in himself, in the film, in its premise. He wasn’t even sure if he’d made a film which made sense. This selection then came as a surprising response to his questions and his doubts: if it’s been chosen then this film must make sense!

Critics and Cinema

The Critics’ Week is a method of restoring the initial state of cinema, for one week and one selection. Up to a certain time Critics and Cinema were intrinsically linked, they influenced each other, they fed off each other. With time this state has changed and the close relationship which existed between the two has blurred.

For Jacques Audiard, to be selected by the critics was therefore something quite natural, like a homecoming, to origins grounded in a love of cinema.

The euphoria of the first Cannes Film Festival

The first Cannes Film Festival, for a young director, is not scary, it’s something which is full of joy and happiness. Suddenly, a film that you worked on for endless weeks, months, nights, in doubt and complete secrecy, takes flight. It’s watched, understood, criticised, commented upon, loved…in a word, it lives. For Jacques Audiard, there’s no room for worry at this time. It’s a powerful, unbelievable, exquisite and delicious time.

Opening and making sense

Jacques Audiard seems to prefer doubt to certainty. At the start of his career he did not even conceive it as such. He made a film because he wanted to, without saying that others would follow. Recognition from the public, from the festival and from the Critics’ Week would allay his doubts and allow him to open himself to learning how to communicate.

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