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Sir Terence Conran

Sir Terence Conran is a visionary designer and trend-setting property developer, who loves restoring iconic restaurants, and has been leading a revolution to give all that is good and beautiful back to the people since the 1970s. So Mr Conran, tell us what you like...

1 HIS MOST IMPORTANT ACHIEVEMENTS: The Habitat brand, of course, and the opening of his first Conran Shop at Michelin House. This was the sweetest moment of his life, but not the most rewarding. “I am especially proud of the Design Museum. I have always thought that design was a key factor in our quality of life, and that it was important to make it accessible to all.”

2 HIS FAVOURITE PIECE OF ARCHITECTURE: “The Seagram Building, New York. It is a design classic from Mies van der Rohe. The exaggerated proportions are a perfect example of the architecture of the 20th century.”

3 HIS FAVOURITE COLOUR: “White, the perfect colour for displaying a form. I often have diffi culty helping people understand the beauty and peace created by whitewashed walls. I also love cobalt blue.”

4 HIS BEDTIME READING: “‘The Art of Looking Sideways’ by Alan Fletcher, who is one of my big sources of inspiration. It is bursting with amazing ideas and a fresh perspective on life. Everyone should read it and be inspired from time to time.”

5 THE COUNTRY HE LOVES MOST FOR ITS LIFESTYLE: “France. I have been visiting Paris regularly for fi fty years, and I am still under its spell. The restaurants, bars and magnifi cent architecture create a unique atmosphere that makes me feel alive.”

6 WHAT HE LOOKS FOR IN A GOOD RESTAURANT: “Well, what I do not like is when food is seen as an intellectual problem and chefs who think they are artists. Of all my London restaurants, the Bibendum (81 Fulham Rd) gives me the satisfaction of still being one of the top establishments for fine cuisine over twenty years after it was launched. And my two most recent ones, Boundary (2-4 Boundary St) and Lutyens (85 Fleet St) have received praise from critics and diners alike. I am delighted to see that I still have the magic touch.”

7 AND HOW HE TAKES HIS COFFEE: Strong with a drop of hot milk! “I drink it from a white porcelain cup from the Casper collection - simple and functional, which matches my design philosophy.” He drinks it at home in his garden, or in London, with a piece of cake from Konditor & Cook in Waterloo.

Text : Frédérique de Granvilliers - Julian Broad – Jean-Claude AmielGettyimages – All rights reserved.

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