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NESPRESSO and Madrid Fusi贸n

Obviously !

Madrid Fusión 2010 is a top-notch trade fair for culinary professionals, a unique event in the world of gastronomy. Madrid Fusión manages to bring the best in local chefs – among them stars such as Ferran Adrià and Martín Berasategui – as well as the best chefs from around the world. Every year they all meet to compare notes and learn new technics, and the operative word here is excellence. The involvement of Nespresso with this exceptional event may indeed provide one of the High points of Madrid Fusión 2010, and comes as no surprise. The Nespresso Creative Workshop will provide the opportunity for chefs to demonstrate their creativity, to challenge themselves to go further, to explore new gustatory territory and imagine new ways to surprise us. There couldn’t be a better backdrop for Nespresso to display its passion for fine cuisine.

Ten stars in the heavens.

Bocuse d'Or 2011

Ten stars in the heavens.

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