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Ten stars in the heavens.

Six chefs, six coffees and addiction.

On the now famous 10th January 2011, 10 stars gathered together under the chandeliers of the Ledoyen restaurant. Its three starred chef, Christian Le Squer and Nespresso, on that day, played host to five great foreign chefs. They did not know each other, Nespresso brought them together out of the passion for taste and for coffee.  

To the delight of the guests, the soul of the chefs is embodied in the heart of their dishes : coffee, the main ingredient in this type of gastronomy. Jordi Herrera blends Lungo Leggero, foie gras and cauliflower, Paco Pérez uses Ristretto instead of a hazelnut, as for Silvio Galizzi, he infuses tiramisu with an Espresso Forte using his own method. Sang Hoon Degeimbre assembles a variegated jelly Lungo Leggero and salmon and Ramón Freixa creates a powdery nest with Grand Cru Ristretto Origin India in which to rest an egg yolk and affirms his addiction to the grand cru. As for Christian Le Squer, he is passionate about the future of apple puddings, the pudding with the Espresso Leggero-passion coffee.

So that is how Nespresso, instigator of creativity has allowed these chefs to bring enthusiasm, new ideas and inspiration to the position of coffee at the heart of cuisine.  


Ramón Freixa

The atelier de creation at Madrid Fusion

Ramón Freixa

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