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The guest jury

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F: Mrs. Zior-Borngaesser, you have been a member of the guest jury at the Nespresso Pastry Cup. How did you like the competition and the award show in Frankfurt?

Mrs. Zior-Borngaesser:  It was a real exceptional experience. To see all the young cooks with their talent at work and their great ideas – that was really unforgettable. Also the dialogue with the Jeunes Restaurateurs, who have explained a lot during the degustation, has been very interesting for me. Last but not least the evening-show at the Nespresso Boutique with all the privileged guests in Frankfurt…I am really happy that I have been selected as a member of the jury.

F:  Which experiences will you keep for your every-day-life?

Zior-Borngaesser:  There are many things. To meet Dieter Müller and to see many friendly people and talented cooks… the same time I was inspired how to use and combine special aromas in desserts. I am sure that I will realise some of the creations at home on a simplified level – together with a cup of Nespresso.

F: Mr. Schmenger, you have been selected because you are already a Nespresso club member. Has your impression of the brand changed and which experience did you make during the competition?

Mr. Schmenger:  I am even more delighted of the coffees and the whole concept. Haute cuisine with the premium-coffee of Nespresso, this is a perfect combination. It was a great experience to evaluate these creative desserts from a guest´s view while getting a professional guidance.

Dieter Müller - The patron

The Pastry Cup 2010

Dieter Müller - The patron

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