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Coffee and Chocolate

India´s soul inspires young Pâtissiers

Creating an innovative chocolate-dessert, which contains the Nespresso Grand Cru Ristretto Origin India as an ingredient and accompanies the prepared coffee in a harmonically way – this was the challenge of the Nespresso Pastry Cups 2010. The professional dessert-designers of the Jeunes Restaurateurs in Germany have committed themselves absolutely to the key-note “Talent & Passion”. The Nespresso Pastry Cup offers young pâtissiers a competition on a professional level. One of the most known star-cooks in Germany, Dieter Müller, was the patron of this contest, which took place in Frankfurt on October 18th.

As an official partner and through the delicate connection between coffee and chocolate Nespresso has motivated many teams to participate in the competition. The 12 best recipes submitted have then been invited to the contest. The teams consist of a pâtissier/cook and an apprentice. For each team 2 hours are foreseen for the preparation of the dessert before the degustation and evaluation of the jury begins. The skilful evaluation is done by different juries to assure a diversied judgement considering all essential perspectives. The technical jury evaluates the skills during the preparation, a degustation jury watches the taste and the presentation, and last a guest jury, consisting of two selected Nespresso club members, gets in the shoes of the customer. Their coaching has been done by Iris Bettinger, a Jeune Restaurateur with the special mission to care for the guest jury and to answer to their question during the degustation of the desserts.

The winners of the day in the Romantik Hotel BollAnt’s im Park in Bad Sobernheim were Matthias Spurk and Constantin Kaiser. With their „Délice of  Valrhona Grand Cru Schokoladen mit Mandarine und Maronen“ they managed to implement the Nespresso Grand Cru Ristretto Origin India and pass their competitors with this result. They also beat the records in timing, because they needed much less then two hours. So they saved the trip to Lyon to the World Pastry Cup 2011 where they will present their creation at the „Nespresso Atelier de Création“ in the context of the Bocuse d’Or.

The second winners are Johannes Schneider and Constantin Körn from Potsdam/ Hotel Bayrisches Haus with their dessert called „Sailing Boat of Mumbai“. The third goes to Tamara Derfuß-Baur and her assistent Andreas Högg from Ehingen/ Hotel-Restaurant Landhaus Feckl, who delighted the jury with „Feinem von der Alpaco Schokolade mit Ristretto Zwetschgen und Whisky-Zigarre“.

Questions / Statements of the winner Matthias Spurk

F: How does it feel to bet he winner of the Nespresso Pastry Cup 2010?

A: Marvellous! I have learnt a lot and had a great day. Everything went perfect and I have been even faster than expected. That I would really win I couldn´t believe until the end. The award show was very thrilling. As Dieter Müller came with his congratulation I realised that I was the winner. A great feeling!

F: What has been the greatest challenge during the development of your dessert?

A: It was difficult to find two fruity aromas which have both to harmonise and also to fit the strong tastes of the chocolate and the Nespresso Ristretto Origin India.

F: Do you believe that your success will have a positive influence on your carrier?

A: I really hope it. I think with this award I will have good chances if I apply in a restaurant. And I will also present my dessert at Bocuse d'Or in Lyon. This is quite perfect to meet interesting contacts and to learn a lot. I am really happy that I have won this competition.

Dieter Mller - The patron

The Pastry Cup 2010

Dieter Müller - The patron

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