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Ram贸n Freixa

At my place, you don't come just to eat. It's very theatrical

An ambitious and highly acclaimed chef, Ramón Freixa, left the Barcelona restaurant he inherited from his father and created his own restaurant six months ago, in a new five stars hotel in Madrid. The risky move was rewarded with success almost immediately: his eponymously named restaurant received a first Michelin star shortly after opening. In a décor that he describes as “plurimalist,” he proposes to 31 diners (and not one more) a menu that manages to be both tasty and experimental — witness his “ten ways to eat tomatoes”. For Nespresso, Freixa revisits the Ristretto Origin India Grand Cru, which he finds to be lively and rich, combining flavour and seasonality. His idea, playing off coffee’s absence in Spanish culinary tradition, is to surprise the eye as well as the palate.

Ramón Freixa.

Madrid.One Michelin Star

Ten stars in the heavens.

Bocuse d'Or 2011

Ten stars in the heavens.

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