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Coffee and Dessert: The first edition

NESPRESSO Pastry Cup with the JRE

Take a cup of NESPRESSO Grand Cru, accompany it with a sliver of fine chocolate, and you have the perfect end to any meal. You also have the concept behind the NESPRESSO Pastry Cup, which challenged up-and-coming chefs of Jeunes Restaurateur d'Europe in Germany, to invent a chocolate dessert to match the versatile aromas of NESPRESSO’s Grand Cru coffees.

The contest took place September 7th on the banks of the Rhine in Koblenz, Germany. Junior cooks and confirmed pastry chefs alike took part, and the emphasis on young culinary talent was personified by Michael Kempf, who presided over this year’s event. Currently top chef at the Facil restaurant in Berlin, Kempf received his first Michelin star when he was only 26 years old. In 2008 Gault Millau named him “Climber of the Year.”

Thirteen teams participated in the 2009 Jeunes Restaurateurs NESPRESSO Pastry Cup, each team comprised of two chefs and hailing from all over Germany. In the weeks preceding the competition, each pair received a NESPRESSO GEMINI CS 100 coffee machine, a variety of Grand Cru capsules, and a NESPRESSO coffee wheel indicating the particular gustatory properties of each NESPRESSO Grand Cru. The chefs then set about developing their dessert recipes, using JRE Or Noir chocolate from Cacao Barry.

As the contest regulations stipulated: “The fruity and lightly acid character of the JRE Or Noir chocolate offers a wide aromatic scale.” And there was a warning: “The NESPRESSO Grand Cru varieties should accompany the ready dessert in harmony and not be added as ingredients.”

The competition kicked off precisely at 7:30 a.m. in the vast professional kitchen within the Gastronomische Bildungszentrum complex in Koblenz. Each team had 120 minutes to prepare eight dessert dishes. A six-member Technical Jury judged each team’s kitchen preparations. The desserts were then sampled by a quartenary of 3 Jeunes Restaurateur, 1 Journalist and Daniela Schwarz, Sales Manager HORECA Germany as well as by a Guest Jury comprised of two specially chosen members of the NESPRESSO Club.

By 4.30 p.m., it was time for the awards ceremony and the announcement of the winners. First prize went to Magdalena Koch and Norman Eller, both 21 years old, from the Philipp restaurant in Sommerhausen. Their winning recipe: Dessert Délice von Chocolat Or Noir, PX und Gianduja, to accompany NESPRESSO’s RistrettoGrand Cru. As part of their prize, they were invited to tour NESPRESSO headquarters and production facilities in Switzerland.

The second-place award went to Elisabeth Opel, 25, and Anne Faulmann, 19, from Herrmanns Romantik Posthotel in Wirsberg. Their recipe: Schokolade-Schluck für Schluck, to accompany NESPRESSO’s Espresso Forte Grand Cru. They won a trip to France and a dinner invitation from chocolatier Barry Callebaut.

Third place went to Sascha Krause, 27, and Daniel Verbeet, 17, from the Kronenschlösschen restaurant in Eltville-Hattenheim. Their recipe: Amaretto-Schoko-Gateau mit Holundersugo und Kirschsorbet, to accompany NESPRESSO’s Lungo Forte Grand Cru. And they won a Nespresso CitiZ&milk Espresso machine and starter kit.

All other contestants were designated fourth-place winners, with each receiving a specially designed chef’s jacket and a certificate of participation.

"This was a wonderful opportunity for us to get in contact with the next generation of star chefs,” said Sabrina Goebel, B2B marketing manager of NESPRESSO Germany. “And we were delighted to introduce those chefs to the quality of NESPRESSO."

Interview with Michael Kempf and Patrick Kimpel

Nespresso Pastry Cup 2009

Interview with Michael Kempf and Patrick Kimpel

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