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CitiZ Travel Mug: On the road again!

Is coffee to go a symbol of American lifestyle? Yes, and all the more so since Nespresso introduced its stylish, super-insulated Travel Mug. This coffee carrier lets you enjoy your favourite Grands Crus with as much liberty as those in the "land of the free".

IN THE DAWNING DAYS OF HOLLYWOOD, PRODUCERS IMPOSED A RULE: TO HOLD LAST-MINUTE FILM SHOOTS AT THE DROP OF A HAT, ACTORS AND ACTRESSES HAD TO BE ABLE TO REACH THE STUDIO IN TWO HOURS OR LESS. So the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Cary Grant and their peers settled in the sunshine of Palm Springs, a hot-springs resort 180 kilometres away – less than a two-hour drive – from Hollywood. Since then, the number of those working seeking an improved quality of life, specifically, during the daily commute has skyrocketed. Coffee to go or takeaway coffee – one first sips at home at the breakfast table, continues to drinks en route to work, then tips back at the office – is already a part of life for 74% of U.S. consumers. Trend-wise, the Scandinavians are hot on the Americans’ heels, and the rest of Europe is swiftly warming to the idea. It is for all these lovers of transportable coffee that Nespresso has established a new two-hour rule, a rule embodying true freedom.

For two hours is the length of time the Nespresso CitiZ Travel Mug keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature. This miraculous feat is achieved by the double-walled stainless-steel structure, equally effective in keeping iced coffee briskly refreshing. Add to that the generous capacity – able to hold three Lungos – and superior styling for comfortable handling, and you might ask…what else? Nothing. For the CitiZ Travel Mug has a discreet, streamlined, urban design that looks and feels at home anywhere: on your walnut coffee table; beside your computer screen, or in your vehicle’s cup holder, gleaming steel glinting in the sun, reflecting undulating palm fronds overhead or the San Bernardino Mountains beside you as you sip behind the wheel, between Palm Springs and Hollywood. 

Text Francis Dolric - Illustration Mac Nooland

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