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October 2015


The people of Lisbon are often said to be coffee connoisseurs and fine food fanatics. Indeed, how could anyone resist their classic pastries,...

June 2015

The pinnacle of tast...

Cape Town's cultural diversity and ideal climate generate an insatiable appetite for well-being. As evidenced by the extraordinary pastries to be...

May 2015

Chefs as a movie sta...

Cuisine and cinema: equally demanding, inventive, curious worlds boasting the same creative freedom, passion, emotion and more.Nespresso,...


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   The atelier de creation at Madrid Fusion
   Cook It Raw 2009
   Nespresso Pastry Cup 2009
   The Pastry Cup 2010
   Bocuse d'Or Europe 2010
   Bocuse d'Or 2011
   Cook It Raw 2010
   Cook It Raw 2011 - Road to Raw
   L'Atelier Nespresso
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