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The Nespresso point

We're delighted to invite you at the Nespresso Point at Palermo, where you will have the opportunity of enjoy great recipes and drinks, specially created with our coffees by Inés de los Santos, Tato Giovannoni and our Baristas Team, as well as a variety of Grands Crus in the context of the most important polo tournament in the world.

The Nespresso Point became the meeting place for those who visit the Palermo Polo Open. There, celebrities and members of the Nespresso Club enjoy a Perfect Experience.

With distinct proposals to be enjoyed before and after the game, the Nespresso Point stood out between many alternatives.

The bartenders Inés de los Santos and Tato Giovanonni created delicious cold coffee recipes, ideal for the "pre-polo" and incredible cocktail drinks, exclusive for the "after-polo."

The best polo of the world

What happens in the Polo Open can be summarized in few words. On the one hand, confirmation that the world's best polo is played in Argentina, and on the other hand, the belief that this event is at the height of the top sporting events worldwide. There were three full weekends in which the public could enjoy a unique show, inside and outside the court.

Games were excellent, with the best of this sport, and the additional benefit of a unique setting. Today, visiting Palermo is an experience worth living from the inside. The culinary offerings, exclusive shops and the way in which the public enjoy all the options, make the Argentine Polo Open a center of attraction increasingly sought after by the most demanding public that comes from all corners to enjoy this event.

Now it only remains to enjoy the final of this great tournament on Friday, December 9th between Ellerstina and La Dolfina.


Inside polo

Argentina Polo Open 2011

Inside polo

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