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Nespresso is an international brand with a presence in many markets, including those listed below.

We appreciate your interest in Nespresso.
You will find below answers to frequently asked questions concerning business opportunities with Nespresso.

Company-owned Business Operations:

In most cases, Nespresso conducts business operations directly through its own companies and affiliates and not through third parties.


In certain markets, Nespresso has appointed third parties for the distribution of one or more of its product lines.
Currently, Nespresso is neither seeking nor accepting applications from potential distributors in any market.


Nespresso does not franchise its Nespresso Boutique or Bar Operations.


If you have any questions that have not been addressed by the above information, please send your precise enquiry in English to the following addresses.

Nespresso reserves the right not to answer in case it judges the enquiry not duly documented.

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