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Guillaume Le Cunff

President Nespresso USA


Ecolaboration is our commitment to work together with our partners to produce high quality coffee, while helping to improve the lives of farmers and their communities and trying to ensure environmental sustainability across our business. Ecolaboration involves three pillars: coffee, capsules and carbon.

At Nespresso, sustainable development isn’t just a passing trend or a marketing strategy. For more than 10 years, we have focused our efforts on the program. Our entire team is involved in what we consider to be the best way of “sharing value” with all our different partners. The reason why our program is called “ECOLABORATION” is to underline how crucial this way of thinking and acting is to the entire workforce. From the work in the field with our small local farmers to the specifications we set out with our suppliers and partners, including an active collaboration with the World Bank and the Rainforest Alliance, Ecolaboration is about a chain of shared interests. This unique program has an ultimate goal: to offer each of our Club Members “the best” coffee in the world and take into account the economic, social and environmental interests of our stakeholders in the Nespresso value chain. The Ecolaboration program is about creating the best coffee, which is better for everyone. Guillaume Le Cunff– President Nespresso USA

Our partners in the USA


Our partners in the USA

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