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Shaping solutions together

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Managing a profitable coffee farm requires investment and just like in any business, this requires a long-term view. However, many coffee farmers, especially smallholders, focus on short-term gains at the expense of making investments that bring better returns in the long run.

Because it can be difficult for farmers to make essential investments to meet the standards required by the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, we are committed to facing challenges together. This means working with our partners to invest in projects and initiatives that create long-term value for coffee farmers, by improving quality, increasing productivity and creating efficiencies.

- Helping farmers to share their workload in Jardín, Colombia. Read more

- Helping farmers improve their business skills in Hueheutenango, Guatemala. Read more

- Accelerating progress on AAA in Central America. Read more

- Empowering small-scale coffee farmers in Caldas, Cauca and Nariño, Colombia. Read more

- Gaining a better understanding of coffee farm profitability, with INCAE, the leading international business school in Latin America.

- Ensuring that the AAA program brings economic, social and environmental benefits to coffee farmers in Chikmagalur, India with coffee supplier Jayanti.

Accelerating AAA progress in Central America


Accelerating AAA progress in Central America

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