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Your perfect cup of Nespresso: precision in preparation

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Nespresso has always been a leader in portioned coffee and the same is true of the environmental credentials of our machines. The benefit of a portioned coffee system is that it reduces waste by optimising the amount of coffee and water required to make the perfect coffee.

The LCA study conducted by Quantis found that depending on how our Club Members use their machine, a Nespresso coffee can have a lower impact than a conventionally made coffee. To find out more, read our interview with Yves Loerincik, CEO Quantis, here.

We have brought together a network of experts focused on designing ever more innovative, high-performing and greener machines for our Club Members. The network, which consists of a Nespresso R&D team, machine manufacturers, engineers and designers, aims to continually improving the energy consumption, carbon emissions and recyclability of each range of Nespresso machines. This network also explores the use of recycled materials in our machines and even the development of a closed-loop system, in which all the materials used to produce the machines can be recycled into new products.

Designing ever more innovative, better performing and energy efficient machines for our Club Members. Like PIXIE and U, recent innovations, which automatically switch off after nine minutes of inactivity, consuming 40% less energy than A-ranked machines according to FEA / CECED standards.

Measuring the sustainability journey of AAA farms


Measuring the sustainability journey of AAA farms

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