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Recycle your capsules


In Sweden, Nespresso has a special agreement with the packaging and newspaper collection service FTI (Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen). This means that it is possible to recycle Nespresso capsules within the national recycling system for metal packaging. Accordingly, as a Nespresso Club member, you can simply leave used capsules in the collection bins for metal packaging at any of the approximately 5,800 recycling stations around the country, or at similar collection facilities situated in many properties. The capsules can be disposed of without prior treatment - the coffee does not need to be separated from the capsule.

Coffee grounds as energy source
The Nespresso capsules are collected at the recycling stations together with other metal packaging. The aluminium is then separated from other metals before further transport to the smelting plant. At the smelting plant, the aluminium is melted and any remaining coffee grounds are incinerated. The heat produced by the incineration is re-used as energy in the melting process. In other words, the coffee is used as fuel for the recycling of the capsule!

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