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About Ecolaboration™

Together, we can create a more sustainable future

“Within the Nespresso community, we have a single word to describe our approach to sustainability and creating value for society. Ecolaboration™."

Ecolaboration™ means working together with our partners to protect the future of our Grands Crus for coffee-lovers worldwide and manage the social and environmental impacts of our business, while improving the lives of coffee farmers and their communities.

Ecolaboration™ is a journey for Nespresso to become a more sustainable business. This journey started in 2003, when we launched our unique AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program and was cemented in 2009 with the launch of the Ecolaboration™ program. Today, we are focusing on three commitments: coffee, capsules and carbon footprint.

- Coffee: source 80% of our coffee from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Coffee Program, including Rainforest Alliance certification by 2013.

- Capsules: put collection systems in place to triple our capacity to recycle used capsules to 75% by 2013.

- Carbon: between 2009 and 2013, reduce the carbon footprint of each cup of coffee by 20%.

These three commitments are essential to Ecolaboration™, but they are only part of our journey; it’s about making sure that sustainability is integral to the decisions we make everyday. For instance, we’ve started to develop more sophisticated ways to measure our impacts in areas like coffee farm management and profitability, water and biodiversity. We’ve launched a new company-wide initiative, called MyEcolaboration™, which encourages our employees to put forward their ideas to help to make Ecolaboration™ even stronger. And we’re also exploring new ways of working to ensure that we’re creating more value from farmers to Club Members, today and in the future.

Nespresso 10 years of engagement for sustainable quality


Nespresso 10 years of engagement for sustainable quality

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