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Taking the next step of our AAA journey

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By 2013, we aim to source 80% of our coffee through our Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program.
At the end of 2012, Nespresso was already sourcing 68% of its coffee from approximately 52,000 farmers who are part of the Program in 8 countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala,
Nicaragua, Ethiopia and India.

Through close collaboration with our suppliers, we have been working to improve the traceability of our AAA Sustainable Quality™ coffee. This includes the development of a AAA Sustainable Quality™ farmer database, which makes it possible to trace the beans back to individual farms, tracking quality, progress on sustainable agriculture practices and improvements to farm management. And beyond this, it means we know the name of each and every farmer we work with, from the foothills of the Andes to the highlands of Karnataka, India.

To improve our understanding of the impacts of the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, we have become involved in various projects. The first is a long-term initiative with CRECE, a Colombian research organisation, to evaluate the social, environmental and economic performance of AAA farms in Colombia. The research follows a methodology developed by COSA, an international alliance of sustainable development organisations, as part of a wider global study that analyses the impact of sustainability programs across different types of agricultural production. Results demonstrate that farmers in the NespressoAAA Sustainable Quality™ Program have sharply improved their social, environmental and economic performance. We are also working on a project to improve the monitoring of our environmental impacts, particularly biodiversity, water and carbon footprints. It is not only a challenging task because of the complexity and number of variables involved but also because there is currently no universally agreed methodology. However, we are committed to developing processes to effectively capture and analyse this information.

Testimonial: Oscar Daniel Sanchez, Agronomist

I have been working for many years with the Nespresso AAA Program. I update the Nespresso AAA Program database, support 200 farms with technical assistance and assist farmers in the completion of the TASQ.

Nespresso is a key buyer for us since the cooperative positions itself as a high quality producer and for the last four years, Nespresso has paid the best prices for our coffee. Thanks to higher prices, coffee growers have more incentives to adopt better farming practices. Small producers in our region have benefited enormously from the Nespresso AAA Program since before, market access for high quality coffee was limited to them and as a result, they ended up selling at a lower price. The program is different from other schemes in that it is a verification process, which means it is about continuous improvement, so farmers can make adjustments at their own pace.

Oscar Daniel Sanchez, Agronomist, Alto Occidente Coffee Growers Cooperative

Testimonial: Chris Willie, The Rainforest Alliance

It’s the most ambitious commitment ever to help smallholder coffee farmers achieve Rainforest Alliance certification and improve coffee quality.

Chris Wille, Head of Sustainable Agriculture, The Rainforest Alliance

Helping farmers to share their workload in Jardn, Colombia


Helping farmers to share their workload in Jardín, Colombia

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