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Improving our environmental footprint, from the cherry to the cup

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At Nespresso, our approach is to use natural resources efficiently, use sustainably-managed renewable resources wherever possible and continuously work towards reducing the amount of waste we produce.

The LCA process enables us to understand the environmental impacts of every aspect of our business. In their analysis of the carbon footprint of a cup of Nespresso coffee, Quantis found that the biggest impacts happen during the use of our machines, in growing the coffee and in producing and recycling our capsules.

That’s why a key focus for us is to reduce the carbon emissions from coffee cultivation and machine use. But we are taking action to improve our environmental impact across our entire business, from the cherry to the cup.

- Helping farmers on the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program to become more environmentally responsible. Read more

- Building environmental efficiencies into our Production Centres and logistics networks. Read more

- Designing ever more innovative, high-performing and greener machines for our Club Members. Read more

- Supporting the development of schemes to recover and recycle small size aluminium packaging, including Nespresso capsules. Read more

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Collaborating on ecological progress


Collaborating on ecological progress

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