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Jean-Marc Dragoli

Managing Director of Nespresso Spain


“Ecolaboration™ is the sustainability platform that Nespresso uses in carrying out all its operations, from coffee harvesting right through to the recycling of its capsules, while also creating shared value for society. All the Nespresso Boutiques in Spain and Andorra have a capsule collection point where customers and Nespresso Club members can take their capsules for recycling. There are now more than 770 Nespresso capsule collection points in Spain, and we will continue to extend this network to other areas the length and breadth of Spain. In 2012, for the second year running, the compost made from its used coffee grounds saw the company providing the fertiliser for 18 hectares of rice grown in the Ebro river delta. It then bought the entire harvest, weighing in at 68 tonnes, which it donated to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).”

About Ecolaboration™


About Ecolaboration™

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