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Improving efficiency across our operations

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Our Production and Distribution Centres in Avenches and Orbe, Switzerland are equipped with a number of features that seek to reduce their environmental impact. For example, 100% of our green coffee is delivered by rail to our production centres. In Avenches, advanced  roasting techniques save approximately 16% to 20% of the energy needed compared to traditional roasting techniques. Energy is also recovered through an innovative system used for providing heating in the factory and to homes in Avenches. Rainwater is collected, recycled and used as utility water in the factory. At Orbe, we have implemented a system of using river water to cool the factory.

Sustainability is also a strategic element of the future production centre in Romont (Switzerland), which is planned for 2015. Priority will therefore be given to rail transport of goods. All of the green coffee will be delivered by train, and cutting-edge technology will be used. A heat recovery system in the roasters will enable the factory and service water on the site to be heated. The factory will even be equipped with the necessary technology to enable it to redistribute the heat to the municipality via a long-distance heating system.

Your perfect cup of Nespresso: precision in preparation


Your perfect cup of Nespresso: precision in preparation

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