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Beyond carbon: taking a broader view of our impacts

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We know that sustainability issues are central to the future prosperity of our communities. It is therefore essential that we make sustainability core to every part of our business.

But our efforts to improve our environmental sustainability can only be successful if we have a deeper understanding of our impacts, across our entire business. While we have robust measuring and reporting systems in place for our own operations, like our Production Centres, the impacts of coffee growing are not so well understood. That’s why we are investing in a solid, integrated and long-term measuring and reporting program for our sustainability performance, particularly in the coffee countries of origin.

- Launching a AAA Sustainable Quality™ database to gather, analyse and share information with coffee farmers, in real time, to help them plan for the future. Read more

- Investing in new water treatment systems on farms and training farmers on preserving their water resources. Read more

- Developing a long-term project with IUCN to better understand the biodiversity impacts of our operations. Read more

An expert perspective on Life Cycle Assessment


An expert perspective on Life Cycle Assessment

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