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Did you know your used Nespresso coffee capsules are recyclable?

Perfecting our packaging solution

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Aluminium is not only the best material to protect the delicate flavours and aromas of our Grand Cru coffees, but it is...

Collecting and recycling used capsules

  Capsules      Environment      Recycling    
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Our focus is to make it as easy as possible for our Club Members to return used capsules for recycling. We started...

A partnership for more sustainable aluminium production

  Capsules      Environment      Recycling    
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There are many different players involved in the mining, refining, retrieval and recycling of aluminium. As part of...

Expanding our network of collection points

  Capsules      Environment      Recycling    
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Nespresso committed in 2009 to put collection systems in place to triple its capacity to recycle used capsules...


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